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CEO/ Chief Positivity Officer/ “Your Majesty”


Jan Glasband is a native of Los Angeles, California where she grew up in a family of industrious and adventurous souls, one of whom was her brother, Martin Glasband – creator of Equi=Tech and developer of symmetrical (balanced) power for commercial application.

After spending several decades as a commercial graphic artist and theatrical producer, Jan was called on to assist Martin in 2015 when his health began to fail. After Martin’s ultimate passing in 2017, a long process of rebuilding the company began in earnest when Jan and Erik Praytor, Martin’s long-time production manager, teamed up and dedicated themselves to making sure that Martin’s over 30-year legacy and work was not lost. 

The creation of a dynamic sales force, providing outstanding technical support, and a detail-oriented assembly team have all been critical in restructuring a company with an unparalleled product and reputation for excellence. These factors, along with a primary focus on customer service, direct communication, and developing new products that provide benefits to a varied and expanding market, have become the core and heart of Equi=Tech Balanced Power Solutions.  


Even in the womb, Terry Brent was deeply connected to music. In church his mother could feel him jump and dance and move only when the music was playing. Since utero he has stayed connected whether writing and recording original music or recording and producing other peoples music in his Drug and Alcohol treatment studio. 

After starting a vintage guitar consignment shop in south Florida and buying out his competitors 14k sq ft MI music store it made sense to transition into a new field of music manufacturing. 

Terry joined the Equitech team as the National Sales Director after answering a Craigslist ad in San Francisco Bay remote sales listing. It’s been 5 years of growing, stretching, learning and making new friends and sales pipelines. 

His crowned jewel of his time at Equitech is helping to facilitate a sales agreement with Sweetwater music through the help and assistance of Brad Lunde at Trans Audio group. 

Terry is excited to continue to connect Equitech to new markets and verticals that can benefit from the effects of balanced power.

Sales / Marketing Director


Erik Praytor is a co-owner/production manager and a skilled engineer with 23 years of experience in the field of Balanced Power supply. He has helped in the design of several chassis and transformers that are used in Equi=Tech products, a company that provides the cleanest power source possible for recording engineers. He is passionate about making “balanced power” more of a household name and delivering high-quality products to his customers. 

 He is an avid photographer and drone pilot. Living in the Pacific Northwest, he also enjoys the outdoor life of fishing and camping, with friends and family.


Joe Salvatto has been in the recording Studio business since 1980. He served as chief engineer for some of the greatest studios of all time. He started in the maintenance department for Media Sound and progressed on to A&R Recording ,and then as chief engineer for Right track Recording, JSM Music, Electric lady and Giant Recording. Meanwhile, throughout the years Joe’s company, Salvatto Sound, has been a source for studio installations and innovations for clients like Phil Ramone, Billy Joel, 50 Cent, Mariah Carey, and others too numerous to mention. Joe continues his work as a freelance consultant to this day.

Since 2019 Joe has been technical consultant for Equitech Balanced Power Solutions, a company that he has respected and admired since the early 2000’s, and a place he can truly call home.

Product Specialist / Install Consultant (Salvatto Sound)