Specialty Products

Our engineers and technicians are excited about being a part of a major breakthrough in power technology.  Our work with the NEC code-making panels have spearheaded these efforts.  And, with many years of experience applying balanced power in environments of all shapes and sizes, we believe that we understand our customers’ needs better than anyone in the industry.  When projects call for careful electrical planning, our engineers could be one of your best resources.  We also provide both on-site consultation and plan drafting services for all types of facilities, large and small.  Balanced AC isolation transformers that we manufacture are available in both single phase and 3-phase to 6-phase wye versions ranging in size from 15 to 500 kVA. They are also extremely accurate in their design which insures the widest possible bandwidth of noise attenuation for every type of sensitive electronc application.

In our custom fabrication facility, we design and build balanced power systems for a variety of applications.  Sometimes it takes a special system design to accomodate our customers’ needs.  For example, remote recording and sound reinforcement trucks have limited space available and require more flexibility for hooking up to remote power sources.  Other examples of special applications include: touring systems for foreign or remote locations, frequency conversion and alternative sources of AC power.  Our experience in designing special systems provides a wealth of resources and solutions at our disposal to apply in many different types of application environments.

Our purpose is to furnish our customers electrical systems that provide “The Cleanest Power on Earth” for their sensitive electronics.  We are the pioneers of balanced power technology and our interest in your satisfaction runs deep.  Our primary goal is to be in service to our customers.  Call us anytime for technical assistance.  We guarantee that you’ll find the very best transformers, custom and turnkey power systems, in-depth technical assistance, and most of all — the results you want.