What is “24/96” transformer technology?

The term “24/96 Transformer Technology” was coined to describe the area of application where this technology has been specified into transformer design. The newer 24-bit digital recordings that use a 96kHz sampling frequency are where the numbers 24/96 originated. These digital recordings have much greater detail and dynamic range than any other standard digital format used in the past. In order to accomplish this improvement in sonic quality, a much higher sampling rate and bit rate is used than in previous 16-bit recordings (the standard CD format.) More and more professional recordings are made with this new digital format. 16-bit recordings are now a thing of the past. 24-bit CD players as well as DVD players are now common in the market place.

But with greater resolution and detail, high frequency noise becomes more critical than ever before. In order to accomplish the objective of increasing the bandwidth of noise rejection to include higher frequency harmonics, transformers must be extremely well balanced. The characteristics of high frequency current density and current distortion required careful study to fully understand how our objective could be realized. Extremely fast current delivery and highly accurate broad band noise atternuation work hand in hand to provide AC power that inhibits factors that can detract from the high level of performance that is expected.

The method by which transformers are built to accommodate this broader bandwidth of noise cancellation is the improvement that we call “24/96 Transformer Technology.” Every so often we revisit the methods that we use to achieve the most perfect balance possible. Many are patented but we believe that there is always room for more improvement. In this case, designing and sequencing the transformer’s winding segments with a wider operating bandwidth in mind has resulted in “notch free” frequency response flat to almost 2MHz. This technology is standard issue in every system we build.

At Equi=Tech, being “The Pioneer of Balanced Power” means that it’s up to us to create the standards that can be trusted to provide the best results in audio/video performance. We are intimately involved in the writing of National Electrical Code Standards by which electrical engineers specify and design and electrical contractors build. We lead the industry in many ways. This is one reason why Equi=Tech balanced power is the choice of top professionals throughout the world in the Audio, Video and Broadcasting industries. 24/96 transformer technology is one more example of how Equi=Tech leads the world in balanced power.