How is Balanced Power used?

A balanced power system may be located anywhere along the ac power grid provided that it is the last link on the chain feeding power to electronic power supplies. The balanced power system can be engineered to blanket an entire facility through electrical hard wiring or a smaller balanced power system can be plugged into a grounded ac wall outlet.

The popular rack system design is the easiest of all systems to use. One simply plugs the system into a conveniently located ac outlet and then plugs the studio equipment into the outlets on the back of the rack system. Plug strips are fine to use as long as they are simple. Spike protection is included in the Equi=Tech system — redundant surge and spike protection is generally unnecessary. It is strongly recommended that all ground lift adapters be discarded and all audio cable shields be grounded at both ends.

Uninterruptable power supplies and power conditioners may be used with balanced power systems but they should be located between the ac grid and the Equi=Tech system. They should also be rated to handle the full capacity of the Equi=Tech.

For more information on hardwire installations see Article 530 Part “G” of the 1996 National Electrical Code.