Rusty Mosher
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

January 26, 2000

PO Box 249
Selma, OR 97538

Dear Rick,

I recently received your ET1R for evaluation.  I had been using the PS AudioP300.  The differences between the two units sonically was fairly dramatic.  The PS unit was great at reducing the noise floor in my system but after a time seemed to give the overall sound a brittle or hard character, to me it was much like an old or poorly designed solid state amplifier.  At first I must admit that there was a lot to like about the PS but after a time it became increasingly fatiguing to listen to.  Enter the Equi=Tech, after hooking your unit up the brittleness evaporated, my ears quit bleeding and I was listening to music again.  The sound was much more relaxed and natural sounding to me.  My first thought was that your unit may be too relaxed but after a few hours the unit started to break in and it became apparent to me,  that the sound through the Equi=Tech is far superior to my ears than the PS unit.  The other nice touch is that I am able to plug all my front end components into your unit where as the PS limited me to just my CD player and phone stage.  The PS Audio would ramp itself up and shut down whenever I plugged my pre-amp in (Atma-Sphere MP1 MKII).

All in all guys a great addition to my system.  I am looking forward to trying the ET2R on my amplifiers.  Again, thanks to everyone for your prompt and professional advice and service.  Here's hoping the entire High End catches onto you soon.  The best of luck and continued success to you all.


Rusty Mosher

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