From: Russ Stratton

August 29, 2000

Hey Equi=Tech Guys:

Thanks for such a well-engineered and great performing product.  This Equi=Tech power conditioner is money well-spent on my home theater rig.  I leave my system on all the time and I'm used to hearing audible hisses, buzzes and hums through the speakers.  When I first plugged in the Equi=Tech it scared me because I thought my system was dead.  All the noise was gone!  Even listening to vinyl with my low-output moving coil cartridge where I have to really crank up the volume control, the noise floor is very low and very clean.

To check the systems's Equi=Tech'd audio performance, I fired up Medeski Martin & Wood's Last Chance To Dance Trance.  The exotic percussion and deep piano chords that open track 4 emerged from a black silence and just hung in space in front of me.  When drum and bass kicked in I was floored by the slam and drive of the performance  (one of those "Oh Sh*t!" experiences).  The kick drum had that resonant snap and whomp that you hear in the studio, but rarely over a hi-fi rig.  The bass plcuking jumped out and added a percussive overdrive to a very sweaty, nervous sonic assault by the MMW boys.  Now I've tapped my toes to this cut before, but with the Equi=Tech in the system, it was like the guys were in my face relentlessly pounding on me with their instruments.  The intesity level was ratcheted up at least three notches.

The Equi=Tech also did wonders for my video rig.  The colors on my 32" TV are crisper and don't bloom excessively, and noise and snow from my antenna feed are gone.  I love 60 miles south of the LA broadcast transmitters and I've always had problems cleanly pulling in channels 2 (CBS), 4 (NBC), 5 (WB), and 13 (UPN).  The video noise and interface drove me crazy during the Laker's playoff run last Spring.  With the coax antenna cable grounded to the Equi=Tech, the snow, hash and grunge are gone and my antenna picture now rivals and sometimes betters my DSS picture.  This is great news as football season and the Olympics are about to start.

Thanks to Equi=Tech, I am digging life big time in my little A/V world.  Great job!

Russ Straton
Regular Hi Fi Guy

Equipment List:

Rega Planar 3 Turntable
Dynavector Moving Coil Cartridge
Pioneer DV-414 DVD/CD Player
Meitner PA-6I Preamp
Meitner Power Amp
Gallo Nucleus Reference Speakers
HSU Research VT-2 Subwoofer
NHT SuperZereos (Center and Surround Speakers)
Harmon Kardon AVR-300 Receiver (Surround Sound Only)
Panasonic 32"TV
Panasonic Hi-fi VCR
Toshiba DSS
MIT Cable
Everything plugged into an Equi=Tech ET2R!

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