July 26, 1999

From: Bill  McKinney

Equi=Tech Corporation
PO Box 249
Selma, OR 97358

To whom it may concern:

The Recording Workshop appreciates the "loan" of your Equi=Tech Model ET2R Balanced Power System.  During our 20-day trial day period, we installed this in our 16-track Studio C (where we currently have a 24-input Alesis X2 console and two Alesis ADAT digital multitrack recorders) and noticed a significant decrease in the overall noise on the stereo bus and a definite increase in the clarity and quality of the audio produced in the studio.

Currently, we are in the process of remodeling Studio C which includes installing a large-format console bumping the tracking capabilities of the room from 16-tracks to 24-tracks (thus increasing the overall power requirements).

Once again, we thank you for allowing us the opportunity to test the Equi=Tech Balanced Power System in our studio.  You will be pleased to note that we have made Equi=Tech a part of the curriculum, receiving mention during both our System Interface and Live Sound Reinforcement lectures.  Since our yearly enrollment consists of 500-plus students from all parts of the globe, this is, of course, no small mention.  Include the fact that students who complete the program move on to larger audio venues, ranging from home studios to pro studios, live sound to production houses and you can rest assured that the word is out.


Bill McKinney
Technical Maintenance Engineer

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