Ray Charles Enterprises

Equi=Tech Corporation
PO Box 249
Selma, OR 97538

Dear Equi=Tech:

As you know, we are using an Equi=Tech Model ET2R for transfers and we were so impressed by the improvement that we decided to get the ET10W to run the whole studio.  Listening to original master recordings on our system run through the ET2R has been a joy.  On "Genius + Soul = Jazz" Mr. Charles located a master that was in wonderful conditon and on playback it was like the control room walls had disappeared.  I have long argued that AC power should be run this way for studio, so finding your systems has been a godsend.  On behalf of Mr. Charles and myself, I thank you for all your help.  Please call me if you have any questions.


Terry Howard
Recording Engineer

Date:     May 29, 1997
To:        Terry Howard @ Ray Charles Enterprises
From:    James Austin - Special Projects
Re:        Equi=Tech Credits

Dear Terry:

As per your request, we will be including in the notes for the upcoming Ray Charles re-releases a mention that on the original master transfers done at RPM International an Equi=Tech Balanced Power System was used to improve the noise floor and signal to noise ratio by 9db.


James Austin
Senior Director/A&R Special Projects

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