August 8, 2001

Dear Martin,

I probably would have never totally believed it if I had not heard it in my own home on my personal stereo components.  To be blunt and to the point, my stereo system sounded good, however, after I integrated the Equi=Tech 2Q power balancer into my components, the entire system sounded like it got an injection of steroids at the highest dose possible!  I am one very satisfied customer!

The first few days that I used the model 2Q, I listened to a dozen of my audiophile recordings that I always use for the purpose of demonstration and comparison.  I immediately noticed the lower noise floor, wider and greater depth and definition of sound stage, increased resolution including more detail, better vocal and instrumental harmony, and bigger deeper bass resolution.


First Sound Presence Audio Linestage I
Wadia Transport #20
Dodson Audio Model DA-217 MK II D
Cary 2A3 Monoblocks
SP 004 Sistrum Platforms
Audio Points under all components
Equi=Tech Model 2Q Power Balancer
Soliloquy SM-2A3 speakers and stands with Sistrum Micro-bearing steel fill
Abby Nearfield speakers
Velodyne F-1200X subwoofer with Bass Euphoria RAC interconnects
Bybee Quantum Force -- single ended interconnect filters
Bybee Quantum speaker filters
Pure Note Epsilon Reference Speaker Cables
Pure Note Epsilon Reference Interconnects
Purist Proteus digital Cable
Purist Proteus 20-Amp Power Cord
BMI White Elite MK-1 Power Cord
BMI White Elite MK-2 Power Cords
BMI Shark Power Cords
Virtual Dynamic Power Three Cryo Power Cord
Salamander Archetype 5.0 with Mega-spikes
Dedicated 20-Amp circuits with FIM #880 (cryogenically treated)
Wattgate 381 (cryogenically treated)
Hubbell 8300's (cryogenically treated) outlets

Thank you Equi=Tech,  Keep the music flowing

Larry A. Kiraly