Subject:        Re: The incredible 2Q
Date:            Saturday, Feb. 2, 2001
From:           Gib Robinson
To:               Martin Glasband

Dear Martin:

After our conversation on Thursday, the contractor and I isolated the ground and plugged in the Equi=Tech 2Q.  It made an incredible difference.  I was prepared for improvement in sound quality, but not dramatic improvement!  To my ears the difference has to do primarily with definition and sound stage.  It's as if the 2Q has doubled the size of my listening room and turned the whole space into a more vibrant sound stage with cleaner, more well defined instruments and voices.  Incredible!  Overall, of course, the system is quieter so I'm getting considerably more music and less noise.

I think it helped me immensely to isolate the audio ground from the ground in our house.  That I did in the way you urged me to do when we talked.  I used a hospital-grade receptacle (with both circle and triangle symbols) that isolates the ground from the metal box and conduit.  We then grounded the receptacle by connecting it to a ground rod about ten feet away using 12 gauge wire.  We then completed the ground circuit by connecting that ground rod to the main house ground rod (30 feet away) using 6 gauge wire.

So, I'm a VERY happy audiophile.  Thanks for developing an excellent product and helping me get the most from it.  I also owe thanks to David Weinhart of Ambrosia Audio, who introduced me to Equi=Tech's balanced power and sold me the 2Q.

Best Wishes,


Gilbert Robinson
San Francisco, CA 94102

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