Agoura Hills, CA 91301

August 2, 1999

Equitech Corporation
PO Box 249
Selma, OR 97538

I have compared an Equi=Tech 1.5R-SI-F (S/N 928) with the prototype 1.5Q-SI-F (S/N P-3) balanced power supply in my audio and video systems.  The prototype had no obvious hum and there was no excessive in-rush current - both major improvements over the previous model.  While there does not seem to be much performance difference between the two units on the video system, my audio system definitely benefited from the switch to the prototype.  There was a greater sense of dynamic freedom imparted to the music, and there was a notable increase in bass authority.  My McCormack DNA 1.0 amplifier seemed to emanate from an even darker, more silent background - and this is an area where the 1.5R-SI-F already excelled.

My only concern in exchanging my standard 1.5R-SI-F unit with the prototype Q Model is that the new model only had a filter on one bank of outlets; the older unit has two such filtered banks.  While this currently has no impact, there may be a situation in the future when I may add additional digital hardware which would benefit from a filtered outlet.  I wonder how easy it would be to add an additional filter without sending it back to Equi=Tech.

In addition to providing a second bank of filtered outlets (most audio/videophiles have more digital components than I do), I would like to make one more suggestion: offer five rather than six pairs of outlets with the Q Model.  The vast majority of home audio/video users will not benefit from the addition of one more pair of outlets.  Five banks should be sufficient.  The parts and labor saved could be spent toward the addition of the second bank filter.

Thanks again for allowing me to upgrade to the Q-Model prototype.  The 1.5R-SI-F model is enclosed.  Please keep me informed if there are additional, non cosmetic changes when the production Q Model is released.

Sincerely yours,


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