Subject:    A customer wrote Sterophile
Date:        Mon. 4, Dec. 2000
From:       David S. Weinhart
To:           Equi=Tech

Good Morning, please check out  my mini review of the Equi=Tech High Definition Power Conditioner on the Stereophile web page.  Last week they asked readers "What is your overall product of 2000?  They published my response.

The Equi=Tech High Definition Power Conditioner.  I have the original model (30 months old), but this high definition iteration blew it away.  This black box had a profound impact on the sound of my audio system.  The "noise floor" dropped to the sub-basement!  The bass was tighter and more extended and crisp.  I could hear much more information across the music spectrum.  The overall musical presentation was much closer to a "live" sonic performance than I experienced with the older unit.  The sonic presentation drew me into the music.  This improvement was across the board (turntable, CD, CD-RW, and tuner).  This unit took my audio system to another level of musical enjoyment.

Dexter M. Price

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