Dean Rossi
Reno, NV

April 12, 2001

Dear Equitech,

Your Model 5Q balanced transformer is incredible.  I would love to sit all the ‘doubters’ or those who think the revolution in balanced/symmetrical power is ‘hocus pocus’ in front of my system and make believers out every one of them!  For I know for certain they'd be headed to their local dealers just after a few minutes.  The difference it is astounding.  This product is amazing and worth every penny.

All too often we audiophiles spend far too much money for things that make little or only very slight differences.  In the quest for that elusive sonic perfection, we then begin to buy things only us and our ‘trained’ ears can hear.   Despite the craziness of this practice it is important to note another role these purchases make- and that is to make us ‘feel good’ about the ultimate signal path in our systems.  i.e.: expensive interconnects, belt-driven, dedicated cd transports and d/a’s, etc…  Any true audiophile knows what I'm talking about. So rare is the moment a new piece of equipment makes you leap out of you seat and want to jump up and down.  Its the same moment when you want to pull out every great cd you own and listen to again like it was the first time!

Over the past two years I've been fortunate enough to already know the benefits of balanced power isolation transformers.  My first go at it was the Furman 30A-IT series unit.  I found that it made a noticeable improvement in sonic quality, but after opening the unit up (as all tweaks do) and comparing the transformer size and overall build quality to Equitech’s I'd seen at a trade show, I decided to step up to your product, the ‘originator’, and spend the additional money for your flagship 5Q.  While more expensive and not yet even in production, the differences in the overall size of the transformer, your  workmanship, and extra features were enough for me to give it a try.

Just about a month ago I received my Equitech Model 5Q with the same understanding that, while probably spending too much money for something seemingly esoteric, it would nonetheless give me the satisfaction that I owned the finest piece of AC conditioning equipment money could buy- and even just knowing that, I would have settled for a marginal difference.  After lifting the near 200 lb. unit into my rack  (I had to enlist a friend to help me accomplish this), I quickly began plugging in all my expensive audio gear into the appropriate outlets on the back.  I was lucky enough to have a 220V-30A outlet at my rack fed directly from my breaker panel ahead of time in anticipation of the unit.

Now was the true test.  I put on a CD that I've used for sonic clarity and imagery for years and what I heard BLEW ME AWAY.  I could NOT believe my ears!!  Thinking I was imagining things, I quickly jumped up and put on another trusted CD and it too was nothing short of amazing.  The details in the imaging and depth of the recording were vastly improved.  Also, I noticed the low end was MUCH tighter and controlled.  These recordings sounded as though Id heard them for the first time.

So hats off to everyone there at Equitech for producing such a truly fine piece of equipment. One that is a ‘must have’ for any serious audiophile and one that I will cherish for a lifetime.


Dean Rossi
Reno, NV

PS… I must mention the unit looks great too!  The beautiful and very classy anodized front panel with the etched logo and blue lamps are a nice touch.

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