Subject:     Good Things In Life Take Time
Date:         Jan. 06, 2001

Dear Rick:

How about I cut to the chase?  EQUI=TECH RULES!!!!!! I am just ecstatic over the performance of the 2Q Line Balancer your technicians recently built for me.  It is by far the best AC product I have ever owned.  It is truly a reference piece.  I have never heard my high-end audio system produce such pure, clear and lifelike sounds before I started powering all the components with the Equi=Tech Model 2Q.  And I am no beginner when it comes to line conditioning.  I have been chasing down those nasty AC gremlins before it was fashionable.  Starting shortly after putting together my first serious system in 1978, I knew the importance of clean power.  I spent many nights listening in the wee hours because the system just sounded better.  Since most of your previous clients have been in the recording industry you may not be familiar with the following product names.  This compilation represents many thousands of dollars I have spent ( not to mention all the time involved ) on products that promised to help clean up the AC powerline........Double Tice Power Blocks with Double Titans and Micro Block; Pac Idos; API PowerWedge; the original plastic cased MIT Z-stabilizer; Chang Lightspeed; VPI Bricks; Cable Jackets; Versalab IEC Woodblocks, Red Rollers, Split Rollers, FLat Rollers; Marigo Apparation (two different incarnations) with Reference Power Center; Bybee/Curl Pro Signature Line Conditioner with AC Chargers on every component; TG Audio Power Strip; two PS Audio 300 Power Plants ( I returned them within the 30 day trial period for full refund); Audio Prism Foundation 3, Waveguides, Quietline Symphony.  I have also owned Cardas, Synergystic Research, Audioquest, Grace, Marigo, TG Audio, Silver Audio and Omega Mikro power cords.

As you can see from my list, I even had my power company change transformer kettle which provides power to my residence when an oscilloscope check showed the sine wave peaks were flattened out.  I have put in new electrical service paying close attention to installing the 20 foot ground rod away from the overhang of the house but near a downspout to insure that it will always be in moist soil.  Dedicated isolated ground outlets into the listening room ( #10 underground romex inside Seal Tight with Seal Tight grounded at the panel end only) Ferrite chokes on all appliances, clocks, etc., Using 220v switches to break both hot and neutral wire on any fluorescent position....WHEW!!!! After doing all of this, along comes the Model 2Q Equi=Tech and I am just amazed at the incredible improvement in the noise floor, bass extension and definition, sound stage placement and overall sense of ease in the delivery of the recording. My amplifiers are 18 watts class A single-ended going into the 91db efficient speakers and I no longer hear them even hint at clipping as they did before the 2Q was installed.  Thanks Rick for all your advice and help assuring a swift delivery of my unit to me.  Martin, you were right on.  The Equi=Tech 2Q is drop dead gorgeous with the blue LED lights you have chosen to use.  I love the front panel layout using symmetrical positioning of the rocker switches (to underline balanced perhaps?) Top notch workmanship and the meter is so trick.  It is surely Stealth-like in appearance and I love it! Thank you Martin and all the people at Equi=Tech who make it possible to get so much closer to the music.


Dean Carl Johnson

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