Subject:    Good ET1R Experiences....
Date:        Tuesday 17, Oct. 2000
From:        David Amick
To:            Rick Henry


I purchased a ET1R directly from the factory a few weeks ago and then called you last week to let you know about my favorable experiences.  This is the follow-up email that you asked me to send you.  And this is my Equi=Tech story...

Just prior to the unit arriving at my door, I was listening to an old live Allman Brothers CD through my inexpensive monitor system.  After the ET1R arrived, I unpacked the unit and plugged in all of my audio gear and my computer.  Then I restarted the CD from the beginning and just sat back.

It didn't take but two or three seconds for me to notice that the sound from  my speakers had dramatically changed!  I rechecked the mixer to make sure that it was the same as before installing the ET1R.  It was.  Amazingly, the CD now sounded like it had been totally remastered!  The music was less cloudy, the highs were brighter, the stereo separation was more dramatic and the low end had more punch.  There were even a few background sounds on the CD that I had never heard before.

I couldn't believe that the Equi=Tech alone could have improved the sound that much, so I plugged the amp, mixing board and CD player back into the regular wall outlet.  Immediately, the original 1970's dull mix came through my speakers again. I said to myself right then, "From now on, there will always be an Equi=Tech between the outlet and my ears!"

After doing some vocal recording a few days later, I determined the Equi=Tech had reduced my system's noise floor by about 6 to 8db.  In contrast to previous tracks, the new takes also seemed to have increased dynamics and more "life" to them.  Even video, that I had edited on my computer after installing the unit was brighter, has better contrast and contained fewer digital artifacts than before.

By the small investment in the ET1R, it immediately improved the performance of my mediocre gear to a much more professional level.  And it enhanced the sound of my pro components to where I would feel comfortable using them in any recording studio on the planet.  As long as I could plug them into my Equi=Tech!

In the days of always being told that the bugs will be fixed in the next revision, thank you Equi=Tech for producing a product that honestly does what it claims - from the very first second!

David Amick
Gainesville, FL 32605

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