Ches Meierding

Mar 31, 2004

I recently purchased an Equi=Tech Model 2Q conditioner, replacing a Richard Gray 400S.  I used the 400S on my front end components.  It didn't however work well with the amp plugged into it.  The Richard Gray is a nice unit and has served me well over the last several years.  However, it does not play in the same league as the Equi=Tech. 

The 2 Q delivers:
1. Deeper bass
2. Better bass definition
3. More clarity
4. More detail
5. More body to the music
6. Better defined sound stage -- deeper, wider and more accurate
7. Better rhythm and pace
8. Better dynamics.

That's just with the front end components plugged in.  Plug in the amp and double the above. 

I did switch power cords on the 2Q as I did with the Richard Gray.  I used a JPS Kaptovator on the 2Q and it is a serious upgrade over the stock cord, believe me.  I have to say that the imporvement in the sound and in the enjoyment of the music is well worth the overall price. 

Thank you so much for the fine product. 

Ches Meierding