January 15, 2003

"Just a quick note to comment about the new 'Q' line of Equi=Tech power conditioners. After many rounds of tweaking my stereo system (most recently in the power cable regime), I found things had settled down to a satisfactory point in terms of balance and detail with one exception: the matter of upgrading the power conditioner. I was in the mood to update my Equi=Tech 1R-SI, and after deciding to stay with the brand, the choice became only a matter of model. On the advice of my dealer, I decided on the new 2Q model. The result? UNBELIEVABLE!!! The immediate difference was the sonic detail- vocals sounded even more exact in sonority. Long-time friends who performed on some of my own recordings never sounded so accurate. Snare drums and cymbals became clearly identifiable by manufacturer. For example, I happen to know that on a particular track a percussionist used a drum made by the high-end drum maker Nobles & Cooley, and it was immediately obvious. The bottom line? This product is MYSTICALLY GOOD! Equi=Tech has a real winner here, and anyone who is even remotely serious about good power should have one. There are now two kinds of audiophiles: Those who have Equi=Tech Q Power Conditioning, and those who need it."

 Regards - A. R. Molloy