Andrew Pearce

April 29, 2001

Dear Rick,

I read Martin Glasband's letter in the back of the June issue of Stereophile with interest.  I own a fully modified PS Audio P300, upgraded with the fan kit, the multiwave option, and a low level "quantum" filter by Jack Bybee.  I also own an Equi=Tech ET2Q. While the P300 can provide enough power to run my stereo's front end without overheating, the Equi=Tech can handle the entire system, including several class A amps AND the P300 and not even get warm. I paid about the same for both the ET2Q and the modified P300.

For my money I feel the Equi=Tech is a better product. It doesn't use electricity just sitting there; what goes in, comes out - no real loss. It never gets warm; there is no annoying fan noise.  It provides balanced AC to my two 200 watt class A amps with no apparent loss of headroom at high volumes.  This lets them run much more quietly; the cost for a PS Audio regenerator that could provide the 800 watts of steady power they consume is really extreme; this makes the Equi=Tech a huge bargain in comparison.

My stereo system is really top notch; it's worth about the same as a BMW 528.  I get an amazing level of resolution, detail, air, and all those other audiophile attributes. Perhaps I have been fortunate not only to have decent AC to begin with, but to have chosen components that are highly immune to power fluctuations. I say all of this because, when using the highly touted PS Audio AC frequency and waveform adjustments, I have never noticed more than the most minute differences. I feel that it is mostly just hype.  A completely different device, the Richard Grey's Power Company box, also had almost no affect on my system, but I have at least heard this device give seeming improvement to other systems.

I've been reading Equi=Tech's white papers for a couple years now, and I'm glad to see them. I am not an electrical engineer, "merely a programmer", but I'm trying to learn what I can.

Mr. Glasband's letter to Stereophile was another shot in the "power play" the AC improvement manufacturers seem to be having; I know I will not be getting the straight story from the magazines, so I'm more than interested in your opinions.

Thanks very much,
Andrew Pearce